Financial and Insurance Information

Dr. Zahn provides services out-of-network or by private pay only.

Why isn't Dr. Zahn on any insurance panels?

This is a question that gets asked quite a lot.

It is important to understand that Dr. Zahn has over 25 years of experience treating clients. He is an expert in his field and has a very strong physician and client referral base. 

 Unlike almost every other business that clients are familiar with, insurance groups do not adjust rates overtime. They set a low rate to meet a minimal standard and then that rate stays in place. There are no cost-of-living adjustments, adjustments for expertise in a field or for acquired years of experience. As "for profit" entities insurance companies must keep costs low and maximize profits. As such, a provider with an expertise in the field and with decades of experience can expect to earn the same as a newly licensed therapist with very little experience. Most therapist that are in-demand for their expertise choose to opt out of the in-network model.

For many, the cost of therapy is a concern.  Client's with PPO insurance coverage can still work with Dr. Zahn using out-of-network benefits. These benefits allow for access to the next tier of care providers but there is more cost sharing with the insurance company involved. This option is also more expensive for the insurance company and their representatives will, in some cases, actively seek to redirect you back to using a low cost in-network provider. 

Additionally, the client has greater freedom in choice of care and more privacy if they choose to engage in therapy without using insurance.


Payment for services

Payment for services is due at the time the service is rendered or charged to the credit card on file if preferred by the client.

Upon request, Dr. Zahn will provide a claims receipt that the client can submit to their insurance carrier for reimbursement.

Non-covered Services

There are a large number of services provided by therapists that are not covered by insurance policies and must be covered by the client. 

Insurance policies have a condition referred to as Medical Necessity. A medical coverage plan will only cover the cost of certain Medical and Psychological Disorders. See your plans policy with respect to which conditions it will cover.